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“On a scheduled trip to the Steadman Clinic for surgery, I found that the damage and subsequent repair to my knee was more complicated than expected. Here to Help provided the bridge which spanned the quasi-ambulatory abyss separating the hospital and the hotel. They provided a level of non-therapeutic service commensurate to that which patients have come to expect throughout the Steadman experience. Acting as my personal liaison between the medical community and the and the outside world, details great and small were anticipated and attended to, including transportation to rehab twice a day, retrieving prescriptions, attending meetings with the medical staff and coordinating physical therapy sessions. I was completely overwhelmed by their competence, dedication, and compassion. “Here to Help” brings to mind two words which rarely make it into the same sentence: “Surgical Vacation”. Short of bringing a medical entourage of support and logistical experts, I recommend without hesitation the services provided by Here to Help. You will not be disappointed.”

– Robert Scarola