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Hip and Shoulder Arthroscopy

The fact that you spent whatever time needed to explain things to me on the phone prior to me contracting for your services greatly impressed me and sold me right away. You knew just what to tell me, and most importantly how to tell me so that I was informed but not intimidated or scared. Your depth of knowledge about the arthroscopic hip procedure and the extremely valuable insight and tips on what to […]

Knee Arthroscopy

“On a scheduled trip to the Steadman Clinic for surgery, I found that the damage and subsequent repair to my knee was more complicated than expected. Here to Help provided the bridge which spanned the quasi-ambulatory abyss separating the hospital and the hotel. They provided a level of non-therapeutic service commensurate to that which patients have come to expect throughout the Steadman experience. Acting as my personal liaison between the medical community and the […]

Hip Arthroscopy

5 Months Post Hip Surgery “Their strength and success as care givers comes from their ability to anticipate your every need before you do! They do it with great ease, warmth and professionalism. I would highly recommend HERE TO HELP to anyone needing or wanting assistance with any aspects of a surgical experience.”
– Richard Ackerman

ACL Knee Arthroscopy

“Dear Here to Help, What a Godsend you have been to me. I honestly don’t now how I would have coped with everything surrounding my ACL surgery at the Steadman Clinic if it were not for your expertise, help and service. From the moment you picked me up at the airport to the time of my departure, I could not have been in better hands, nor had a better experience. You helped me navigate […]

Knee Arthroscopy

As I made arrangements for knee surgery at Steadman Clinic I heard from lots of people with ideas and advice. By far, the best suggestion I received from anybody was to call Here to Help Vail. Cindy and Juli were an outstanding resource right from the start. They helped me find each of the doctors and technicians with whom I needed to meet the day before surgery; they answered many of my questions, helped […]

Knee Arthroscopy

“HTHV was a huge help to both myself, as the patient, as well as for my husband, who came out to Vail to support me. Everything from skillfully organizing the hospital room and care, to setting up the various machines at home, coordinating all the doctor and rehab appts as well as transportation. HTHV made the whole experience much more relaxing for me, allowing me to just focus on healing and the rehab without […]