“Dear Here to Help, What a Godsend you have been to me. I honestly don’t now how I would have coped with everything surrounding my ACL surgery at the Steadman Clinic if it were not for your expertise, help and service. From the moment you picked me up at the airport to the time of my departure, I could not have been in better hands, nor had a better experience. You helped me navigate the pre-op procedures with ease; you were there with me prior to surgery and you were waiting for me in recovery. Being with me during physical therapy, keeping notes and giving me explanations of purpose behind the exercises was immensely helpful. Your own personal knowledge based on your years of being with the US Ski & Olympic teams added tremendous credibility to the process. Assisting me back to the hotel the day following the surgery was immeasurable! I would have been lost in the whirlwind of machines, medicines and self care if not for your help. Here to Help was part of my surgical team and without your help I would not have had the successful surgery and recovery that I have experienced. Here to Help should be a part of every person who wants to get well!”

– John Bucksbaum